Session 1.9 - Would You Rather: Sexting or Nudes?

Session 1.9 – Would You Rather: Sexting or Nudes?

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Would you rather sext or talk dirty on the phone?
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I think both sexting and talking dirty on the phone are very attractive options. Ultimately, how well I knew the person on the other end of the line would really play into my decision.

I’d rather sext with someone I didn’t know very well but I’d love to talk dirty on the phone with someone that I knew really well.

However, the ultimate benefit of sexting is the ability to send photos and videos back and forth. Because that always makes sexting better!

#Q2: Would you rather leaked nudes or leaked sexts?
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I think I would prefer leaked nudes. For some reason that I have yet to figure out, it feels less invasive to me.

I also post nudes voluntarily, so maybe that’s another reason I wouldn’t mind it as much. I don’t mind people looking at my naked body, but I might mind someone getting a hold of the dirty things I send to The Boyfriend on horny nights.

Then again, I share that stuff too, so…

#Q3: Would you rather send dirty words or dirty pictures?
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Many people who have answered a poll in relation to this question have responded along the lines of, “Dirty words often lead to dirty pictures!” – and I very much feel the same way!

I’d definitely prefer to get dirty words than dirty pictures. I mean, a picture is appreciated but I like context and detail and I think I’d rather a thousand words than a picture that wished to speak them.

#Q4: Would you rather sexting with or without emojis?
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I don’t mind the odd smiley face or winky face. If it’s relevant to a sentence said before it. I don’t think I’d want to be getting fireworks and eggplants or anything like that. Not unless we were just having a funny night.

#Q5: Would you rather good spelling or good descriptive words in your sexts?
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Definitely good descriptive words. I don’t mind if you spell something wrong or write an almost unreadable sentence. I get that you’re texting with one hand and fat fingers.

#BONUS: Would you rather dick pics or boob pics?
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Unless it’s a really artistic dick pic or belongs to The Boyfriend, I’m not really interested in dick pics. Boobs – or more specifically cleavage – I can really get on board with that.

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