Session 1.8 - The 5 W's: Erotica

Session 1.8 – The 5 W’s: Erotica

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Who was the last erotica you read written by?
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The answer to this question is almost always Anonymous. My favorite erotica of all time is Sadopaideia by Anonymous and I read this book constantly. It’s on never-ending rotation!

#Q2: What is your favorite genre of erotica?
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First, I don’t think I read enough erotica to accurately answer this question. And second, I think even if I did read enough erotica to accurately answer this question, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one – just like my porn selection, it would change depending on what type of mood or phase I’m going through.

I will say that I do tend to pick stories that I can somehow relate to and they are often male and female stories that include love somehow. I also really enjoy a BDSM element, but really haven’t had a chance to delve too deep into it.

#Q3: Where do you normally read erotica?
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Typically a large majority of my reading happens in the bathtub. It’s the only place where I’m usually left alone and it’s quiet but still bright enough to read a book.

#Q4: When do you normally read erotica?
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When I’m in the bath 😉 I would say generally more often later at night.

#Q5: Why do you like the erotica you like?
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I love reading about sexperiences. The way others experience their sex. The things they’ll notice and the sensations that resonate with them. The emotions of sex. The erotica I really like has these features in spades!

#BONUS: How do you find erotica?
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Currently, most of my erotica is in the form of paperbacks that I sought out at bookstores. However, I’ll also use the Erotic Writers Group as a resource when I’m searching. And back in the good old days, Tumblr was a great spot. But I’ve really been out of the looking-for-erotica game for a bit.

If I want to read erotica, I’ll just write it!

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