Session 1.6 - Q&A: Your Sexperiences

Session 1.6 – Q&A: Your Sexperiences

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: What has been your best sexperience thus far?
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I’m lucky to be able to say that I have a lot of favorite sexperiences. I tend to write about a lot of the really amazing ones.

One of my most memorable sexperiences will probably always be the first time The Boyfriend and I had anal sex. Even though I’m not a huge fan of anal at all, all the other stuff that happened during it had me swooning.

I still get floaty when I think about it.

It was such a tender, intimate moment that included all the things that I’ve always loved about The Boyfriend as my sexual partner. I can still remember the way his hands felt and the sound of his voice as he soothed me and how gentle and calm and in control he was. It’s so rare that all of those things happen in one sexperience.

#Q2: What are some lessons your sexperiences have taught you?
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I think the biggest thing my sexperiences have taught me is to not be ashamed, to have no shame. Things happen during sex that can be embarrassing, awkward, dirty, completely out of your usual character. And you can’t exactly backtrack. If you qweef or call yourself a “cumdumpster” even when you would never ordinarily use that word or bleed a little, it’s not worth the time or energy to get hung up on it and feel shame about it.

I also think that patience and communication is a big lesson that I’ve learnt in regards to sexuality – and my relationship to it as a wannabe kinkster. Things can often be a struggle, so those two things can really help both of us work through it.

#Q3: What has been your worst sexperiences thus far?
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Probably the worst sexperience thus far would have to be Accidental Anal. It was so hot for so long and then all of a sudden, in a serious split second, the entire thing was ruined.

#Q4: Overall, how satisfied are you with your sexperiences?
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This is always a hard question to answer because I am a wannabe kinkster who has very much chosen to stay in a monogamous relationship, even though I know it will be mostly kinkless.

Overall, I’m very incredibly satisfied with my vanilla sex life. I get amazing sex pretty regularly (especially when you consider responsibilities and kids…). I have an awesomely patient, attentive, sexy lover who gives me plenty of pleasure. I am an incredibly lucky girl!

That being said, I’ve literally waited seven years in between spankings. I’ve literally gotten to a point where I consider anal sex to be kinky! A huge part of my identity is just put on the back burner and completely ignored for the most part. That’s a hard thing to deal with!

So it’s hard to say exactly what my overall satisfaction is. Because my satisfaction doesn’t feel completely authentic.

#Q5: Did you ever think you would have the sexperiences you’ve had?
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Is it kinda terrible if I say yes?!?

I mean, I didn’t envision exactly all the things that would go down in the way that they went down… But I never thought anything was off limits in terms of what I would do sexually. I now know that that was naive thinking because I have quite a few limits, but I’m not surprised that I’ve had the sexperiences that I have.

#BONUS: Overall, if you could change one thing about your sexperiences, what would it be?
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As you can probably tell from many of my answers to questions here, the one thing that I would change about my sexperiences, probably the only thing I’d change about my sexperiences, is that they would include a hell of a lot more kink. I’m talking a ridiculously large amount more!!!

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