Session 1.4 - Would You Rather: Your 2019 Fucket List #4

Session 1.4 – Would You Rather: Your 2019 Fucket List #4

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Would you rather create your fucketlist on paper or on the computer/phone?
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Definitely computer!

While I think there would be something slightly more visceral about making my fucketlist in say a journal (which actually sounds really beautiful to me), I just think that I’d do better at actually keeping up with it on the computer.

#Q2: Would you rather fucketlist items that you’re comfortable with or that push your limits?
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I’d like a mix of them but I think ultimately I’d pick things that more pushed the limits. And I say that for two reasons – one, I have an incredibly vanilla partner. Too much outside of missionary, blowjobs and anal and it starts to get into stuff we’re not comfortable with.

Two, because if I were comfortable with it, it’d probably already be an integrated part of my sexperiences.

#Q3: Would you rather your fucketlist be simple or complex?
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I tend to do everything in a more complex way than it needs to be done. For example, I don’t do just a simple list. I could do it and it would be just as effective. But I want to clearly define each item. This is why I usually do it on my blog.

I can list everything out that I want on my list, then I can write a post about the exact desire – what I want to have happen and how I want it to happen and what my hopes are for the experience, etc. – and then I can write posts as I make progress and a final “I completed” it post. Then the list can be updated with links to those things, so that the #NostalgiaJunkie in me can then reminisce about what I wanted and what I got.

#Q4: Would you rather your fucketlist stay the same or evolve over time?
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Definitely evolve over time. I think of my sexuality as this kind of fluid, evolving and ever-changing thing. So I think my desires naturally change over time. And my list should reflect that.

#Q5: Would you rather share your fucketlist or keep it private?
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With all this talk about blogging, it’s obvious that I’d rather share. But I’m a sharer of my sexperiences.

That being said, even if I wasn’t a sharer, I would probably think it was important to share my fucketlist with my partner(s).

#BONUS: Would you rather repeat sexperiences on your list or only have them once?
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I definitely think repeat sexperiences. Ultimately my fucketlist is like a “Will/Won’t/Want” list and other similar devices. It’s an exploration of what I ultimately want to integrate into my sex life permanently.

And I also have a “Try everything thrice” rule, so… Things would get repeated.

But I’d have both things on my list. I had “Orgasm everyday for an entire month”on my list and was good after that. Haven’t wanted to do that again since. But “get an over-the-knee spanking” – well now that I’ve had it, I want it again and again and again. I literally crave it regularly!!! So, both 😉

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