Session 1.3 - The 5 W's: Your 2019 Fucket List #3

Session 1.3 – The 5 W’s: Your 2019 Fucket List #3

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Who would you put on your fucketlist? Partners, celebrities, etc.
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The Boyfriend is definitely at the top of all my fucketlists. When I picture the person I want to explore and experiment with, it’s always him.

#Q2: What is your fucketlist going to look like in 2019?
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I would like my fucketlist to be a well-organized bullet point list that allows me to then expand on ideas.

I liked the organization of the blog of my bucket list, but it was too much work to do it this way. I had a hard time keeping up with it. So this is a little bit closer to what I want.

#Q3: Where is one new place you’d like to orgasm in 2019?
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By a campfire under the stars.

I’d really really love to feel the heat of the fire as I look up at the stars and cum. I got to do under the stars when we took a vacation out to Radium, BC in the summer and it was epic. It was terrifying and epic!

But I love campfires, so I really think it’d be special.

#Q4: When will you update your fucketlist, if ever?
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I’ll update my fucketlist whenever I complete something on it or whenever my tastes change – although the reality is, my fucketlist rarely ever gets updated. I put a lot of things on it that I know will probably never happen with The Boyfriend.

#Q5: Why are you creating a fucketlist in 2019?
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I try to create a fucketlist every year or more accurately, every new blog. I like to create them mostly because I’m a total #NostalgiaJunkie and love remembering what I liked and when I liked it. I also like to-do lists endlessly and even though I’m terrible at checking things off of them, I’ll still make them lots.

#BONUS: How will you create your fucketlist in 2019?
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In 2018, my website where my fucketlist is housed was hacked and I stopped blogging for quite awhile.

Now that the hacks been cleaned up, I plan to start posting again really soon. But I plan to update The List quite a bit. But definitely plan to keep it on my blog and do all updates and such through there.

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