Session 2.1 – Q&A: 2019 Year in Review

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I had a lot of really great sexperiences in 2019, especially compared to 2018. Even though this year wasn’t necessarily any less tough than last year and everything was hindered by months of recovery from not one but two blood clots in my legs, The Boyfriend and I were able to sneak in some time and energy to have these really memorable moments together, including first time sex in the new house and a new “big” dildo.

But probably the best sexperience of 2019, without a doubt was our #CampingTrip2019.

We started the day driving out to our favorite camping spot, getting tons of pictures along the way. While we were setting up camp, he playfully tied me to a tree with his camping rope and I got a very nice breast slapping that perfectly set the mood for the whole thing.

I went for my first hike and gave my first footjob since the blood clot took my leg hostage. I gave a very intense blowjob in front of the crackling fire underneath the vast starry night. And finally, we proceeded to have amazing sex, our reflection silhouetted on the side of the tent – which is a vision I still masturbate to!

To make the whole sexperience even better, we got a lot of photos and videos of some of the best moments of the whole thing and get to enjoy the sexperience still through climbing view counts on Pornhub.

I remember having great sex when our title video hit 15,000 views!

I think probably one of the most unexpected sexperiences was sex in the new house. First of all, we weren’t planning on moving at all. Then an opportunity presented itself and we abruptly moved. I would’ve never expected for our first time in the new house to be as great as it was – The Boyfriend had done the whole move by himself, had just spent months doing everything because I was incapacitated by the blood clot – I was expecting him to be too exhausted and stressed out for great sex.

But I was wrong!

We were both incredibly excited because we had gotten new couches and we hadn’t had a good sex couch in years. Needless to say, it was thoroughly utilized. We had also gotten a new bed and discovered that it was impossible to have anything near quiet sex on it. So, onto the floor we went! I remember being shoved down into a pile of clean laundry that was waiting to be folded as he fucked me hard from behind, my moans muffled in the clothes.

Probably the only thing that I discovered about my sexuality in 2019 is that I need a lot more orgasms when I masturbate than when I have sex to feel fully satisfied. I’ve said in the past, “I’m absolutely a 2-orgasm kinda girl!” but that apparently only applies to sex. Because when I’m masturbating, anything less than three feels like a waste and more often I’m going five or six times.

Normally, I wouldn’t be able to answer this question. I’m not a huge fan of sex toys and will almost never choose to use them. But in 2019, The Boyfriend had a massive fantasy of watching me take something bigger than him. I was intrigued and more than happy to oblige. Since I’m not at all interested in penis size, I went with what sounded big at the time and got us a 9-inch dildo.

I will say that I think we can go bigger!

The Boyfriend used this toy on me quite a lot in 2019. Probably more than the toy, I sincerely enjoyed his reaction to getting to use the toy and the sex afterwards always seemed to be more of the type of sex I enjoy – rougher, more intimate, full of exploration, connected.

I got to have sex while camping in 2019 which has been #FucketListed for awhile now. Almost everything I wanted to do sexually while camping got checked off the list. Blowjob by the fire, sex while hiking, sex by the rushing water and sex in a tent. I also got to have more connected and passionate sex this year, which was ultimately the only thing I really wanted in 2019.

I have a lot of things on my fucketlist in 2020 that aren’t necessarily sexual but are sexually related. Things like hit a certain number of video views on Pornhub or gain a certain number of subscribers on OnlyFans (where I share only foot content). Some of my fucketlist this year includes repeating things I’ve done in the past including another camping trip full of sex and hotel sex – because I think The Boyfriend and I really deserve a break this year.

Another thing that I really want to do this year is track my masturbation sessions and sexperiences. Keep notes and find patterns: find out when The Boyfriend and I are most likely to have sex and what kind of mood I’m in when I’m masturbating and how often I orgasm every month. I’ve tried doing this in the past and have often failed simply because I don’t have a set method. This year, I’d like to stick to it and do it month after month all year long.

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