Session 1.15 – Should/Could/Would: Sex Toys

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Should you clean your sex toys immediately after using them?
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I don’t think a full out clean is necessary but I will give a quick hot soapy water rinse after use. I figure I’m in the bathroom peeing anyways.

#Q2: Could you effectively review a sex toy?
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I used to think that I could but after reading some of the reviews by some of the amazing sex toy reviewers I follow, I don’t think I could do it justice. I just don’t use sex toys enough to really know what to review and how to review it.

I also think I’d be terrible at describing sensations caused by sex toys…

#Q3: Would you be able to pick a favorite sex toy?
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I’ve definitely never even come a little bit close to trying enough sex toys to be able to pick a favorite. So far, I’ve had a lot of sex toys where it’s like, “I’ll pick this one because it’s the lesser of two evils…”.

I think once I find something that works just perfectly for me consistently, then I’ll easily be able to pick a favorite. But I couldn’t even tell you what sex toy material would be my favorite, or whether I want it to vibrate or not… Just not experienced enough in the sex toy department!

#Q4: Could you use a sex toy everyday?
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I could definitely use a sex toy everyday if I was on a streak, like when I had an orgasm everyday for an entire month. But it’s pretty rare that I have a streak like that. Typically I’m good just using my fingers – far less work and effort.

#Q5: Would you record yourself using a sex toy?
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Absolutely yes and I’m so surprised that I haven’t yet. I know The Boyfriend really wants to do this!

#BONUS: Should everyone use sex toys?
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I think everyone should use sex toys at least once, to determine whether or not they enjoy them or not. But if a person doesn’t like sex toys, then I don’t think they should use them.

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