Session 1.14 – Would You Rather: Sex Positions

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Would you rather be on top or on bottom during sex?
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I’m definitely an on bottom during sex kinda girl. Part of it is laziness, part of it is that he’s just better on top (in my opinion), part of it is that I don’t often feel confident enough to get up there and let it all hang out.

#Q2: Would you rather sit or lay down during sex?
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Lay down. Again, it’s just more comfortable. No one has to support anyone else, so hands are more free to roam. Laying down allows me to adjust the angles of things more. It’s pretty rare that we have sex sitting up in anyway.

#Q3: Would you rather sex from behind or facing each other?
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I would rather sex facing each other. I like to kiss a lot during sex and I like to put my hands on his face and neck and shoulders and see him during the whole interaction. Sex from behind is good but I prefer the intimacy of facing each other.

#Q4: Would you rather slow or fast sex?
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I want them both. I want the sex to start out slow and sensual and end fast and hard. But I think if I had to ultimately chose one over the other, I would probably say fast sex. My genitals prefer a quick steady thrust that just isn’t possible in slow sex.

#Q5: Would you rather sex laying on the left side or the right side?
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I normally sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door, so I often end up laying on my left side.

However, I would much rather lay on my right because my left breast is bigger and bounces better. In our current position, my bigger boob is stuck underneath of me and my tiny boob just doesn’t bounce the same way.

#BONUS: Would you rather hands in the hair or hands on the body?
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I would rather hands on the body. While I absolutely love when he puts his hands in my hair, I don’t think I’d like it as much if it was always happening. The thing that makes the hair thing so good is that it’s a pretty rare occurence.

However, there’s so much body to explore. He can have his hands on my neck, my ass, my legs, everywhere. Definitely prefer!

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