Session 1.12 – Have You Ever: I’m Sexy and I Know It

WTMFI (Way Too Much F***ing Information) Wednesdays

A weekly sex meme arousing discussions on sexuality

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Have you ever thought you were the sexiest person in the room?
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Many times – but I’ve been in many rooms with many people who had had much harder lives than me. I also think, when I’m feeling sexy, even if there are other people who are sexier than me, I don’t feel it.

#Q2: Have you ever felt like you were oozing with sex appeal?
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Yes, and I do so regularly!

#Q3: Have you ever wished you were sexier?
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I wish I was better at conveying my sexiness. I wish I was better at feeling it just whenever I wanted to feel it. Sometimes, if I’m suffering from I-hate-my-body-itis, then I’ll wish I could make small tweaks to some things but my overall look, I think it’s pretty sexy, so don’t often wish I could change the whole thing.

#Q4: Have you ever thought your partner was sexier than you?
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Almost all the time!!!

It’s funny, because when The Boyfriend and I first met years and years and years ago and I was dating Alfie, I thought The Boyfriend was so unattractive. At that time, he had only been a year or so out from the car crash that ended his wrestling career – so he was short and rather muscular. I remember his super broad shoulders and thinking everything about him looked off.

However, years later, I find him to be the most attractive and sexy thing alive. He takes selfies of himself for me every once and awhile and I will literally gush over how amazing he looks. He’s sexier than me because he does it so flawlessly.

#Q5: Have you ever wanted to be a sex symbol?
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This is my entire life goal, I swear!

#BONUS: Have you ever been at a club and felt like everyone’s eyes were on you?
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A few times. I tend to really enjoy dancing, as my family would say, “slutty” when I’m out clubbing.

My most memorable experience of everyone’s eyes being on me was the night I got called “disgusting” and my response to that was, “You’re just jealous that everyone in this room, including your boyfriend, can’t stop staring at me” – and then proceeded to cry in the bathroom for the next half hour and then had reckless sex on the steps of a church… #GoodTimes.

I had been dressed up for some reason. Had on a plaid pencil skirt that I got from a thrift store, my hooker boots, a white shirt with a vest over top. I was channeling some serious naughty librarian vibes. But the skirt was ancient. And so, while I was up on the speaker, getting down with the best of them, the back of the skirt was slowly ripping up the back, revealing my adorable black and red thong.

The bathroom attendant only had safety pins (which I felt too drunk to do anything with), so I just turned the skirt to the side and the rip was now just a really high slit. Went back to dancing on the speaker, now feeling about a million times sexier.

When this bitch comes up to my feet and motions for me to bend down to hear what she has to say. And she yells at me that she just wants to let me know that I’m disgusting and look like I’m wearing a potato sack. I had expected her to be nice and she totally tried to tear me down at the height of my feeling sexy, I was pissed!

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