Session 1.11 – Q&A: Periods

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: How old were you when you learnt about menstruation?
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My older sister had gotten her period a year or so before I did. It was a pretty big deal when she got her period. I remember my Mom teaching her how to put her pads on and how to properly dispose of them and giving her the option between pads and tampons. I remember my Mom calling my Dad to tell him that my sister “was a woman”.

#Q2: What period product do you typically use? Pads, tampons, cups, etc.
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I’ve always preferred pads. I didn’t try tampons for quite awhile after I started my period because I was terrified of toxic shock syndrome. I’ve only worn tampons three times in my life and every time was so that I could go swimming.

I prefer the thinnest pad possible. And I hate wings with a passion because they irritate the skin that they’re up against. I’m also pretty brand loyal to what was cheap when my Mom was still buying me pads, so have been buying the same style and brand of pad since I was 14 or 15.

#Q3: Do you get cramps when you’re on your period?
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I’ve had various points in my life where the answer is yes and no. Every pregnancy has changed the way that I react to periods. Prior to pregnancy and babies, I had never had a period with cramps. They were light, quick, painless in the beginning.

After almost all of The Boyfriend’s babies, I’ve had a lot of cramping for the first full year. Currently, the day before my period starts and the day of, I have a lot of pretty stabby cramping. I’ll suddenly feel sharp twinges in my right ovary. After that though, it virtually passes without me even noticing.

#Q4: How old were you when you got your period the first time?
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I was probably right around 11 when I got my first period. I remember being so proud and when we went to go pick up pads, I grabbed the biggest box and even though the cashier offered to put it in a big bag, carried it out under my arm with my head held high!

#Q5: What kind of things were you told about periods before you started it?
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The biggest point of a period is that you are now able to get pregnant. I remember that being the focus of all conversations – you are now a woman and no longer a girl because you can now have babies.

#BONUS: What do you think about period sex?
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I feel exactly the same way about period sex as I do about regular sex.

It doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t irk me. Sex can be messy, even when you’re not bleeding. So, it’s whatever to me.

The Boyfriend is okay with period sex, as long as he doesn’t see any blood. I generally tend to know which days are going to be good for sex having in terms of very little blood, so if we have time to have sex during the visit, it normally happens right at the beginning or right at the end.

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