Session 1.10 - Should/Could/Would: Fetishes and Limits

Session 1.10 – Should/Could/Would: Fetishes and Limits

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: Should you disclose your fetishes to potential partners?
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I think much like the “how many sexual partners” question and many of the other sexuality-related questions that you might ask, including what your fetishes are, these are definitely discussions that you should have with your partners – although at which point is dependent on the particular partner and relationship.

#Q2: Could you talk openly and honestly about your fetishes?
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Yes, and I do so regularly!

#Q3: Would you want to tell your family about your fetishes?
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I don’t know if “want” is the right word but I have told most of my family – the ones who will listen – about a lot of my fetishes. If it comes up somehow, I definitely wouldn’t shy away from the conversation.

#Q4: Should your limits be hard and unchanging or soft and fluid?
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Like all things sexuality-related, stuff evolves and changes over time. While I do think that you are free to always say “Nope, hard limit!“, I do also think that you should check into your limits sometimes and see if they are still relevant. Just as you would check in to see if you still like the things you liked.

#Q5: Could you clearly define your sexual limits?
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Generally, I would say yes. But I also know that new limits are just around the corner waiting to be discovered. There’s a lot of things I’ve never even come close to experiencing that I’ve fantasized heavily about – and for all I know, even though I like it in my head, those things could be hard limits.

Look at how the evolution of anal sex has gone for me…

#BONUS: Would you say you believe in SSC kink or RACK?
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RACK, all the way!

I’m not a fan of the part of SSC that says “safe“, because I don’t think you can accurately use that word when a lot of what we do is already deemed unsafe. I’m also not a fan of the “sane” part, because to this day a lot of the activities we might partake in might not be considered exactly sane.

So screw the boxed-in lingo!

Risk-aware consensual kink sounds like the ideal. You know what the dangers are and you make informed choices about your kinks. I’m definitely RACK.

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