Session 1.1 - Q&A: Your 2019 Fucket List #1

Session 1.1 – Q&A: Your 2019 Fucket List #1

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The Questions & My Answers

#Q1: What lessons did you learn about your sexuality in 2018?
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In 2018, I learnt a lot about patience – not only in the bedroom but out of it as well. 2018 was an incredibly hard year for us; my annus horribilus. Even though it had some incredibly beautiful moments – such as the birth of our sixth and final child and a wonderful family vacation for The Boyfriend and I’s tenth anniversary – it was a harsh and heavy year for us.

We often weren’t in the same place sexually for any given time. Between a sick baby, end of pregnancy, extended health problems for me and a variety of other terrible things, we rarely had time, energy or desire for sex. I learnt to be very patient and wait for us to find our footing.

#Q2: What is one new sexperience that you’d like to have in 2019?
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There are a lot of sexperiences that I want to have in 2019, although I know that realistically I probably won’t get to have many of them. So realistically speaking, I’d really like to find some new sex positions to add to our current repertoire.

We have our four standbys that we always fall back on. They are our comfy positions and we both know that they work for all the things we like our sex to have. And we mix it up every once and awhile. But I’d like to add a new standby, a new go-to.

#Q3: Did you discover any new limits in 2018?
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I don’t think I discovered any new limits in 2018 as there wasn’t very much boundary pushing. When sex was had, it was very comfortably familiar. But I’m seriously considering finally adding anal to my limits list.

It’s probably never going to be a hard limit for me, partially because I’ve always wanted to be a total anal whore and partially because I don’t think I’d ever want to stop The Boyfriend from trying. Something about his persistence is arousing. However, I’ve tried it my required three times (and then some!) and I just don’t think the discomfort is worth the seemingly little additional pleasure.

#Q4: What do you want your sexperiences in 2019 to be like?
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Because of the heaviness of 2018, our sexperiences often felt somewhat disconnected and more functional than fun. There was little to no exploration, there was little to no experimentation and more often than not it felt very much like, “Hurry up and orgasm so we can go to sleep” – from both of us! It was such a major contrast from the year before…

So in 2019, I would really like our sexperiences to feel more connected, passionate, curious, intense. I want to explore more together.

#Q5: What sexperiences from 2018 do you hope to repeat in 2019?
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In a perfect world, I’d love to repeat our sexperience from our family vacation to Radium Hot Springs – although this time with cameras involved in the whole thing. After taking a bath in the hotel bathtub, The Boyfriend and I had incredibly hot sex on the balcony under the stars surrounded by mountains. However, I don’t know if we’ll get that opportunity again this year.

So instead of something that I’d like to repeat, I’d really like to carry forward a #FucketListed item from last year and finally have sex camping. The Boyfriend has been utterly obsessed with hiking and when we did go camping the last few times, there were no opportunities. So I’d like to have a camping trip just dedicated to us having sex during it!

#BONUS: Do you have any sex toys wishlisted for 2019?
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In 2018, somehow both of my glass dildos ended up breaking – thank goodness not while I was using them. So I’d definitely like to get a new one, something really pretty to look at and even more fun to use. And then, because I haven’t had one in years and have really been craving the feeling of it, I really want to get a crop again. I just love the thuddiness and desperately want to feel that again!

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