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POLL: How old were you when you had sex the first time?

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I had sex for the first time when I was 14 – which is currently how old my eldest child is (which just boggles my mind!). I had been in a relationship for about five months with my first love and we had planned to have sex on this particular night for a very long time.

It was awkward, it was funny, it was interrupted a lot. It happened at a drunken teenager party that my sister’s friend was throwing. Everyone at the party knew that we were planning on “losing our virginity” that night – although to us, it definitely didn’t feel like we were losing anything!

Looking back on it, I wish some things had been different. However, it was a thought out night that had had tons of consent conversations ahead of time and I always felt really good about doing it. I didn’t feel like it was too early or rushed and all-in-all I’m glad that it was my experience.

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